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So What? We design a hot website that no one knows about... What good is that? Let us tell the world about your website through search engine optimization. We go through your business to determine the demographic you want to target and develop key words with you.

Basically, we rock the search engines. Showing them specific keywords from your website and tell them to think about those words. Keyword Search rules change often with search engines and we simply sit on the searches to make sure they key up the words that are important to you and your business. Then we tell the search engines to remember to index the pages as we change the pages slightly. This way your page always is on top!

Better than Television:
Marketing budgets are more focused on internet now.

Yellowpages are bunk:

If you cant be found on Google you may not be found at all! Google also keeps their algohythms changing constantly so you must change your website just as often, if not more!

We suggest spending an equal budget on search engine optimization as you do on your website development per year. Call us to discuss how we can do it for you. Otherwise you are fishing for leads with a pole and you should be using a net.


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search engine optimization Search engine optimization services with guaranteed Top 10 results. Submit your website URL to 40 major search engines for FREE ! . Website Submission to over 75,000 search engines and directories. Free META Tags generator. Free Newsletter, website promotions Search engine optimization is the act of making ones website content more search engine friendly to make it rank higher. Submit Express specializes in the optimization of website's in competitive markets. We will research your keywords and optimize with CEO your site based on the most searched keywords in your industry and drive relevant traffic to your site via the major search engines and directories.

We offer search engine optimization services with guaranteed top 10 placement based on your keywords. Take a look at some testimonials from our current and past clients. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE or

Submit your website URL to 20+ search engines, all for free. Why spend several hours submitting your site manually to each search engine, while you can submit your URL from one place to all of them just by filling out one simple form that only asks for your web site URL and email address. Your URL will automatically be submitted to several top search engines such as: Lycos, HotBot, Google, Wisenut, etc. We can submit your website to more than 75,000 search engines, directories and links pages. We will even do a free site review and give you ranking advice before submission. Once submitted we will email you a report of which search engines you were submitted to. search engine optiomization